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  • Kayak paddling skills in Manzanita Harbor
    Paddling Skills in Manzanita Bay

    General Paddling Strokes


    This class is aimed towards those with little or no experience kayaking, as well as those who want some formal instruction or technique tips from an instructor.

  • Kayak Rescue and Reentry
    Kayak Rescue and Reentry

    Rescue and Re-Entry


    Come join us for this 2 Hour session in the warm-water pool (or in one of our harbors, if you'd like). This short course is designed to boost the confidence of the new paddler or rusty one, where we will teach, review, and fine-tune efficient sea kayak rescue and re-entry techniques.

  • Kayaking roll class with Damon
    Eskimo Roll Class

    Eskimo Rolling


    Want to become a true kayaking pro? Learn to right yourself quickly and efficiently after tipping over in your boat. No longer will you have to escape the boat and deal with the pain of getting back in from the water.