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SCUBA Review/Reactivate

SCUBA Reactivation with Exotic Aquatics from Mahonri Gibson on Vimeo.

Please download the Medical Waiver and answer the Divers Medical Questionnaire before checking out.

If you answer yes to any of the questions, take the waiver to your physician and get cleared for diving before submitting payment.

All Classes are Subject to a 7 Day Cancellation Policy.

Cancellations Within the 7 Day Period Prior to the Class and/or No Shows Will be Charged the Full Price.

SCUBA Review dates and times:

Please check the calendar. Give us a call at the shop (206) 842-1980 if the calendar is not showing the class, and we’ll try and get one scheduled!
Equipment rentals and Scuba Tune-Up text not included.

While an Open Water Check-out dive is not required, it is recommended!


We would love to get you out and refresh your skills in the calm and protected waters off of Bainbridge Island. Review your skills and get a dive in at the same time. Call us to book your Review today!


Are you a certified SCUBA diver who hasn’t dove in a few years? Well, here is your chance to review basic SCUBA skills, go over dive tables, and refresh your equipment knowledge.

Up coming Dates for those who haven’t been in the underwater in the last year.


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